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Who Is Leonidas?

Hey there, Leonidas here.

If you're on this page, you are probably a bit curious as to who Leonidas is, yes?

My story consists of passion, persistence, and the unwavering pursuit of self-education.

‘Conveyor Belt' Educational System Graduate

I dropped out of university after 2 years of Pharmaceutical chemistry ('06-'08).

Having a GPA of 2.0 (50%), and the reality of spending hours on end within a lab didn't appeal to me.

The next ‘natural' choice seemed both a passion and a hobby – the study of computers.

Not computer sciences, but computer technology which involves configuring internet connections, fixing computers, and a bit of old-school web programming (HTML/CSS/PHP from scratch).

Yet, despite getting grades in the 80's and 90's, something didn't appeal to me with working on Cisco routers, and configuring PC's all day…

I graduated with a 2 year (of a 3 year program) diploma… nothing special.

Even worse, was my huge disgust of the ‘conveyor' belt graduation process, in an ironically refurbished General Motors car manufacturing plant.

Useless, quickly defunct education for the masses.

So one more try, let's try getting a business education (May 2010)?

I love business, it pervades my natural senses.

How this and that make money…

Yet, the classes were so incredibly bland, theoretically pointless, and to this point, just an ego validation based on grade-point averages.

A simple library book was packaged and taught for a $5000 course.

I graduated with a 1 year business ‘certification', but didn't even bother picking it up this time.

I didn't care about an artificial accreditation really.

Enter The Corporate Monkey

Corporate Monkey in 2011

Yet, with these accreditations (computers & biz) I received a decent job right out the gate (Jan 2011).

$41,000/year with a Fortune 500 corporation as an information technology nerd… yay!

4 months later, after a soul draining office experience (reoccurring theme among many in the corporate world), I left.

Immediately after leaving (2 days in between), I picked up a $50,000/year job at a semi-start up technology company.

Everything seemed magical.

Less bureaucracy, faster opportunity, we even had windows, and plant life!

Yet, the haze and energy drain of office-life quickly came back.

Even worse was the grind of getting to work, being a complete zombie in the office, and then dreading getting back home every day in mind-numbing, soul crushing rush hour traffic.

My magical window view of ‘freedom' was of one of the most congested highways in the world!

So 1 month in (30 days)… I quit my $50,000/year job (May 2011)!

But of course, not without a backup plan…

Becoming An Entrepreneur

While in high school, I never had the comfort of having a girlfriend, so in university/college, I thought to myself… what do women enjoy?

Leonidas Salsa Dancing


So I started a salsa club to meet women in university (2006), heh.

Interestingly enough, you can't really run an organization unless you have complete undying passion for almost all aspects involved.

I grew a huge passion for dancing, running the group, and getting the attention of cute girls.

I would simply watch a couple YouTube videos with a partner, practice a couple times.

Then I would hit the salsa clubs, and practice a hundred more times, and then teach everything to the students in my University/College.

At the same time I quickly learned; marketing, branding, advertising, scheduling, organizing team members, web development, Photoshop design, social media, and softer skills like emotional awareness, leadership, and teamwork.

After 4 years (2010), the club had grown to 200+ salsa dancing students, and a team of 8 executives.

Yet, by my 5th year (entering ‘Business' certification in 2010), I decided to hand off the club, and pursue a different direction… making money!

Losing Thousands ($,$$$) on the Internet

I jumped on one of the most vicious gambling experiences ever invented, the FOREX, through the advice of a family friend.

For the next year (Starting May 2010), I was heavily invested in researching how it worked, why, and how to make money.

The dream was to develop a business that allowed a life of freedom, fun and adventure, and the Forex seemed to provide that.

Live and work from anywhere, through your laptop, yea?

By Summer 2011 (after I quit my soul-crushing job), was $4000/month of full-freedom internet money.

Money was being magically generated using an optimized ‘trading'-robot I had spent months and months optimizing, all on a $200 netbook.

My Ideas for an online business

The long story of this was a HUGE roller coaster of slow steady gains, and HUGE losses, over and over, until reaching that $4000/month.

I was investing a huge chunk of my student loans, and a majority of my earnings from work.

While living on that kind of cash flow, the freedom to relax at the beach any day I wanted, eat whatever I wanted, and chase girls at any time was my reality.

My first real experience with ‘passive-income'.

It was absolutely awesome!

Risk & Losing Everything

Glorified Ad for the Forex

Yet, by the end of September 2011, I had lost everything… literally, overnight!

The Forex is was a very tricky animal.

Thousands of dollars, gone into a glorified gambling business.

I not only lost my own cash, but also losing cash from investors as well… which were my parents.

I had lost $20,000. Gone to some internet Forex brokerage.

After 1 day of introspection, and over a year of that roller coaster ride, I decided to finally close shop on my Forex business.

And so began a very long series of jobs which weren't congruent with the passive-income reality; Web development, promoter, and tech support.

Nothing compounded itself if more money was invested.

Freedom, Fun, and Adventure Business

My true philosophy is to own a business that allows you to travel, enjoy life, and be relatively hands-off.

This is simple on the surface, but requires a complete congruence in your strategies, and focus.

A service business such as ‘web development', still requires constant upkeep, and changes back and forth (unless you effectively leverage outsourcing).

Promotions still requires a physical presence, and the pay isn't particularly interesting since I'm not a top-end model 😉

My road to business success involves a complete synergistic understanding of; marketing, sales, networking, and technology.

Luckily, this is all possible with self-education, and failing many many times, and keeping your funds under control.

My internet money making only occurred after about trying and failing at 30+ different strategies, more than enough times.

All of them are irrelevant at this point.

But you learn how to piece different strategies together, and learn how to cut through the internet bullshit that is out there.

Also, if you are not reading at least 20+ books every year that can help you get further in your business, then start now.

Leading A life of Freedom, Fun, and Adventure

Read and Apply Today

Finally, I have actively made this blog to give you some of the case studies that I have tried and failed with, or have succeeded with.

If you are not applying at least some of the freebies here, then maybe internet marketing isn't in your reality.

Learn 20% of the time, and spend the other 80% actually applying.

I wish you the utmost best on your pursuits, and keep coming back for more great content.


Your internet marketing and call to action friend,

Leonidas K.

Quote For The Rest Of Your Life

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

~Albert Einstein

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  • Hi Leonidas, I have a technical question. I signed after being inspired by you with Astoria Company. My AM approved sofar what I did so it's good. Here is where the technical Q comes. On your video you showed that the conversation tag needs to be inserted onto the landing page. I made a landing page on Astoria. Do you know 1. if that Astorialanding page that I made for my campaign is good enough for google, 2. do you have experience with Astoria and how to insert the tag on that landing page?

    • Hey Zoltan, as long as you have the phone number on your landing page, then it's good to go. Google will accept your LP.

      Google will verify your page based on your phone number.

      • Hey Leonidas Same to me i loss from forex over 40k Dollar almost all my wealth and now i am a day to day living person trying to recover myself with your tutorial . but facing a lot of Adword suspend google updates and financial problem with Family burden. Pray for me brother and friends and mates so that i can recover all my target ..

        Thanks leo.

        • Good luck Imran. Playing the financial markets/forex, (or even bitcoin) was and still is a huge risk.

          I wish you the best in making a full recovery.

  • Hey dude. I just started Forex trading. what resources would you recommend that I check out to succeed in this endeavor?

    • Hey Keith, I would recommend getting a PhD in Quantitative Finance (become a quant). You will need to understand economics, computer programming, engineering, and work for a major Quant firm.

      Otherwise, don't do it. You WILL lose money.

      Good luck!

      • FOREX is not for the weak. Definitely.

        Most prefer to work for someone, be it "a man" or "a customer" or "an audience", it's all the same.

        Strong take money directly from where it flows and don't answer to anyone.

        • I would actually say that the forex IS 'for the weak', especially if you are trading on your own. 99% of people will lose their money, because they are up against a industry that hires the smartest people to take your money. Furthermore, I was doing 'off-exchange' trading, which was being gamed by my provider 'IBFX', who ultimately went out of business regardless.

  • Leo, thanks for taking my comment. I work for a company out of California that sells educational seminars of all types: life coaching (general or niche); sales strategies and internet marketing "know how"; starting a vape biz; refining poker skills, etc. We acquire our customers by marketing on the web through ad placement. This is where I'm seeking your advice.

    Currently, I'll post ads on CL in "jobs" or "business" or "gigs". We're looking for either using a click-to-call or pay-per-click/call platform to help because the good folks we hire when they come aboard our company just aren't generating enough leads for us. I WANT TO KNOW HOW I CAN GENERATE LEADS FOR MYSELF BECAUSE I ONLY MAKE MONEY WHEN I SELL A SEMINAR!.

    I'll have my Wix.com landing page completed today. I know you have devoted some time on your site to ripping pages. Do you suggest that I try something like that?

    And to answer your last question, yes, it can take two to three calls sometimes to get a customer interested in our product or service because: 1. It's a lot of information for the customer to digest. 2. Not every potential conversion is a candidate for being a life coach. This is what we're concentrating on providing at this time.

    Leonidas, I'm interested in ANY and ALL info you have for me, not just about this business. I'd like to make extra on the side in a pay-per-call vertical. My company is new, but we're looking to budget around $5,000.00 USD monthly. I have a budget of $300.00USD monthly.

    Thanks for your time and efforts. I hope we can build an honest relationship together.

    T. Kyle Roberts
    Senior Marketing Representative

    • Hey Kyle, I hope this gets to you after all this time.

      Unfortunately, I don't know the life coaching space well.

      If the callers are expected to pay out large sums, then it's clearly a long-form process of sharing content for a few weeks, before going in for a close.

      As far as generating calls for this, I wouldn't say you can close someone on the first call, but you can certainly collect information, and call them back, but that wouldn't be as automated.

      Consider developing a video-oriented email funnel.

      Good luck Kyle

  • Leo, I'm new to this game as you were. I'm also leveraged heavily in technology (dummy), marketing (not so dummy), sales (proficient) and networking (genius). I'm in a startup sales and marketing biz and I'm a little over my head, but not my heart. Can you give me some quick strategies to help me gain perspective over what it is i'm supposed to be doing TO BE MY BEST! Specifically, I'm being asked by the president of my company to research three different marketing solutions for our business. I'm looking at pay-per-click/call/view. Am I missing anything but a clue? I will become one of your regulars and WILL share you on my landing page, facebook and anywhere else you think I should market you on the Web. Thank, Kyle Roberts

    • Hey Tuey, what is the niche of your business, and what is the acquisition model of your customers?

      Do they need a long time to build up to your product (via information marketing), or do they simply need a quick search for your service (ie. home contractor service)?

      Each niche requires a different strategy.