Shannon Falls Vancouver British Columbia

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Shannon Falls Mountains, British Columbia

The Shannon Falls hiking trail, located 1 hour north of Vancouver, British Columbia, is amazing!

It’s a straight climb to the top, so get your quadriceps ready. There are 3 peaks, with a bonus one for fun. The paths are not always linear, and you can get lost here from peak 2-3.

The view is amazing, and you will definitely thank yourself for coming here and climbing to the top.

One of my favorite hikes of all time (so far).

Where is Shannon Falls, British Columbia?

Top 7 Photos from Shannon Falls, British Columbia

Shannon Falls, British Columbia

Rivers coming down the mountains in Shannon Falls, British Columbia

Mother carrying daughter up Shannon Falls mountains

Endless climbing up Shannon Falls, with some cool looking tree paths

Nice view from the top of peak 2 in Shannon Falls

It’s a long way down from Shannon Falls

Adventuring through the trees in Shannon Falls

A beautiful sunny day on top of the Shannon Falls mountains, at peak 3

Full Gallery of Shannon Falls, British Columbia

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