Whitewash: The Disturbing Truth About Cow's Milk And Your Health


Milk has an even worse effect on our health that we ever imagined… Really, it's REALLY bad.

If you read ‘Salts, Fats and Sugars', you understand that the food industry is only out to make as much money as possible. That involves feeding you as much junk as possible, and especially, get you addicted to that crap. Even if it's ABSOLUTELY not healthy for you.

A quick story of why I would even read this book…

When I was young, I would drink milk, eat cheese, pizza, butter and everything else that contained milk, pretty much like everyone else.

But for YEARS, I would wake up before school, and be stuck to the toilet, in pain and agony. My parents and even the doctors thought I had stomach parasites, or some other stomach diseases. This was 1994-2004. I would continue to drink milk for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and milk before going to bed.

As I hit my teens, I experienced some really bad acne… something you would think is just part of puberty right?

Almost every day, I would eat something that contained milk (it's hard not to), and the pain, bloating, and diarrhea would come back the next day.

One day I heard of ‘lactose intolerence' and decided to research what it was on this new website ‘Wikipedia'. That is when I made the realization.

No one in my family knew, that I was lactose intolerent. My mother did not know, neither did my father, or our family doctor.

Why? Because everyone said that milk is good for you. Every commercial, every food guide, every book, every teacher, and everyone around you.

So from then on I try my best to avoid ‘lactose' by drinking ‘lactose free milk'. But the problems continued… bloating, pain, diarrhea… same as before.

When I began weight training, I would consume ‘lactose-free' whey, and the acne would return.

Fast forward to university…

I rent a place with 3 friends in university. One of my friends, David, experiences repeated migraines… the headache that REALLY sucks… the one that REALLY hurts the brain.

I also notice that he is getting fatter and fatter over the course of 2 years. He would eat milk and cheese products like a boss.

Then a female friend of mine, complained that during her periods, she would experience the most insane cramps… the kind that would make her cry in absolute pain. I saw her in tears one day because of the cramps. She likes milk products.

Fast forward to my travels around the world.

I live with another roommate, and he starts going to the gym to lose weight. At the same time consuming large amounts of milk for the protein. In exchange, acne starts to develop, and instead of losing weight, he gains a kilo or 2 more.

So we come to this book.

So how bad is milk really?

Does it cause acne all over your body? Yes.

Does it make you into a fat slob with a big belly? Yes.

Does it give people chronic migraines? Yes.

Does it cause painful vaginal cramping? Yes.

Do milk products potentially cause Alzheimers? Yea.

Oh, and apparently countries that drink THE MOST MILK, actually hurt their bones, and have a greater chance of bone degeneration or otherwise know as ‘osteoporosis'.

Yea, there are a tonne of problems with milk.

These issues are not just someone saying ‘milk is bad for you'. These are scientists, that are NOT PAID by the milk industry, who look at all the things that could be causing a problem.

This is just one of those books you need to read to really understand how fucked up the food industry is, and how bad milk is for you.

P.S. The farms also treat the animals really terribly. I won't even bother covering this, because we all know… death camps and torture for animals really. It's hard to imagine living in your own shit (literally your own feces) every single day, ending up with the worst diseases, not being able to ever move around, forced onto chemicals to make you pregrant for the rest of your life, and other destructive anti-biotics… all in the name of keeping you fat, unhealthy, and chronically sick as well.

Read this now, and stop making yourself sick.

Whitewash: The Disturbing Truth About Cow's Milk and Your Health

Read This Now, and Stop making yourself sick

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