I've traveled the world, and have cultivated many experiences. I can buy many different gadgets and things that might entertain me for a bit. But ultimately, none of these make me happy. What I found was you need to find and develop happiness from within.



  1. Good thoughts Leonidas. Especially the spikes of happiness obtained from material things. I can relate to that. I see you are reading some interesting books. Let me recommend Krishnamurti “Think on These Things”. You might have read it already.

    • Hey Samuel, thanks for checking out the vid. I’ve added “Thinking on These Things” to my kindle, and will give it a read. While I enjoy the occasional spiritual book (10% happier, A New Earth), I’m hoping it’s not too mystical and pseudo/meta-scientific (Life After Death, Work Sex Money).

      Will give it a read, nonetheless πŸ™‚

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