Power of the Subconscious Mind

Book Author: Joseph Murphy

Surprisingly good! While this was on my to-read list for almost 2 years now, I decided to listen to it semi-passively in audio-book format on youtube (it's a 6 hour-long audiobook).

The author touches on the most powerful topic of all… how your own subconcious influences you on absolutely everything you do, how you look, how you feel, how you think, how you see, hear, perceive the world around you, and within yourself.

This book was released in 1963, so there is heavy emphasis on religion (ie. religious america, circa 1960's). But, I presume the author himself knew his audience quiet well, so he wrote his message about the subconcious this way.

‘Praying to a higher power', was in fact, simply convincing yourself that things would be better. Science shows that religion helps people be happier, so there is a heavy emphasis of this in the book.

But, taken from a secular, non-religious point of view, the message is absolutely deep and profound. What you say to yourself, what you think about yourself, what you RE-AFFIRM every single day, will be projected onto the world around you, and within your own body.

Think badly of your colleagues, family, situation, finances? Then your actions will indicate this, and it will influence your body language, your reactions, and how you remember the events.

Yet, if you think highly of yourself, of your colleagues, friends, family, situation etc, then your actions will indicate this.

It's a very simple message. Re-affirm POSITIVE OUTCOMES, or even POSITIVE BELIEFS. Even if things don't look bright, simply re-affirm that everything will be ok next time!

I personally lost $$,$$$ of cash and went broke, had 2 motorbike accidents, was robbed at knifepoint, almost died while scuba diving, almost missed expensive flights multiple times, AND need to deal with uncertainty every day as an entrepreneur.

Reframe everything in a positive way, and you will do well in life, because you BELIEVE you are doing well in life 🙂

Be positively delusional, and you will lead a successful life!

I recommend this book! I recommend atleast listening to it in audio-format.

It's free on youtube: Power of the subconscious mind audio book

Gogogo 🙂


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