Education of millionaires book review

The Education of Millionaires: It's Not What You Think and It's Not Too Late

To tell you the truth, half-way through reading this book, I had to stop and put it down.

The nostalgia of dropping thousands of dollars on a useless post-secondary education that taught obsolete/irrelevant theoretical skills is still fresh in my mind.

When it comes down to it, how did those who did not graduate from a post-secondary institution, become multi-millionaires?

The secret, it seems comes down to 7 of the most important skills in self-promotion known to man. Yet, many either villify these skills, don't invest enough time in them, or do not pursue them at all, and would rather offset them to someone else.

These are 7 success skills, that fall in the ‘this is obvious' category, yet, are covered using deep meaningful stories of real entrepreneurs. Stories, that place us into a reality of not going through the conveyor belt of post-secondary education, and instead being driven to learn the skills on your very own, full time!

Straight from the book itself, these Success Skills are:
– #1: How to make your work meaningful and your meaning work
– #2: How to find great mentors and teachers, connect with powerful and influential people, and build a world-class
– #3: What every successful person needs to know about marketing, and how to teach yourself
– #4: What every Successful Person Needs to Know About Sales, And How to Teach Yourself
– #5: How to invest for success (the art of bootstrapping)
– #6: Build the Brand of You
– #7: The Entrepreneurial Mind-set VS. the employee Mind-Set

So these are; find meaning in your work, network and provide value to those above you, learn marketing & sales, self-learn, save and re-
invest back into your business, brand yourself, and entrepreneur vs. employee-mindset.

Each chapter is incredibly inspirational, because of its collective meaningful stories, a deep convincing argument for pursuit,
and finally, there is a strong call to action in every section.

One of the most important points? You don't need thousands of dollars of debt to achieve a world class education (with exceptions).

Wan't to know the secret to getting a millionaire-class marketing education, for free? Subscribe to the email lists of successful direct-marketing multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, and LEARN how they do it!

What about selling? A simple library book called ‘Spin Selling' which studied 35,000 Sales calls with $1 million dollars of funding and drew up 1 primary conclusion: discuss what, why, and how a product or service will affect the life of a buyer. Then lead them into a sale based only if their motivations are correlated with your offer.

No cash? No need. Pick up a book, watch a tutorial video, listen to instructional audio tapes. Learn, learn, learn, on your own. Do you really need to learn useless theory for $500-1000/course, when all of the education you need is available at the library, bookstore, or online?

Many of the entrepreneurs in this book were actually in their 30's, 40's and some 50's before they decided to rework their approach in life, and seek self-education instead.

Luckily, The Education of Millionaires is one of those ‘nouveau riche' primers, that covers the absolute fundamentals of becoming successful via wealth.

Get it from a Library, Bookstore or Amazon


Finally, everything I've learned in this blog, I have learned on my own. From creating the website, writing, internet marketing, selling, product development and making money, all have been self-taught. Even the process of finding something you are passionate about, and following through, comes from perpetual self-development.

To say that I believe 100% in the message of this book is an absolute, and sincere statement.

So your call to action? Go to the library, and pick this up. As I said in the beginning, I was a bit unnerved at the simplicity of the message, yet of how powerful the results actually are. Teach yourself, and apply.

Your call to action friend,



P.S. If you are not reading atleast 20 books per year, related to your niche, or in self-development, then I want you to start today!

P.P.S. Look you don't need a book telling you that being self-driven, and a self-learner are the ingredients to success in life. You really don't. This book will not push you to do anything. You may get an inspirational high from reading it, but UNLESS you yourself take that CALL TO ACTION, then don't even bother.

Quote of the Day

I worry that our thinking about education has gotten to be 100 percent outsourced.  People just follow the tracked programs other people tell them to do, without questioning it at all.  I worry that we’ve forgotten how to think for ourselves about education, and we need to recover that.   My number one candidate for a bubble in the United States today is higher education.  It is believed incredibly intensely.  To question it is to put yourself outside the circle of respectable belief.

~ Education of Millionaires

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